Nostradamus Predicted Duterte's Presidency

This is prophecy about the Philippines was quoted in the book with its analysis:

“The Peace and Justice and the Blood of Love from the Blessed Land Of Promise of the South Eastern”

Interpretation: This quote describes the Philippine Flag with White as Peace, Blue as Justice and Red as the Blood of Love. Here, the Blessed Land of Promise of the South Eastern was supposed to be the Philippines.

“The sun of divinity holding the 8th fire will burn all nations having the power of the 3 stars”

Interpretation: The Sun of Divinity is ought to be a man with the 8th seal of the universe is in him, will surpass the nation will the guidance of the Father, the Son and the Holy-Spirit which are the three stars

“Blessed are you Land of Promise, the golden 8 sunbeams shine as noon day will shine from you”

Interpretation: The 8 golden sunbeams was found in the Philippine Flag’s white part, and hence prophesized to illuminate the nation.

“At the Southern area He will be born in the Year of the serpent”

Interpretation: ‘He’ was assumingly pertaining to Duterte who was born in Mindanao, and started his reign in Davao City on 1989 which is believed to be the ‘Year of the Serpent’

“And will start his work at the year of the Tiger”

Interpretation: Year of the Tiger was on 2010, in which the president-elect was known all over the country.

“Land of Promise! The place where the Greatest Lover will arise. Glory to the Moon who became sun!!!”

Interpretation: It might foretold that the Philippines is where true love awakens. “Moon” was presumed to be the “murder capital city” to “Sun” which is now one of the “safest city”

“This is the Glory of all Glory, the Hope of all Ages is born at the City of Eagle…and will end his final mission at the Largest City”…

The City of Eagle is said to be the Davao City.

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