“NO RESPECT FOR THE DEAD” Daughter of Noli Asensio debunked the post of Cynthia Patag that her father was a victim of war on drugs.

Cynthia Patag was criticised by the Netizens after she posted a story of Jim Paredes’s wife Lydia Paredes on Facebook.

The story claimed that Noli Asensio an alleged drug user who recovering from drug addiction was abducted and killed by vigilantes.

 But the story was debunked by the artist Nicole Laurel Asensio the daughter of Noli Asensio and slammed Cynthia Patag and the Paredes’ for disrespecting the grieving of Asensio family. According to Nicole, she was with Mr. Asensio until the last hours of her father. She condemned the people who used her father’s death for political schemes.
 Friends of Asensio family including Lea Salonga was also disappointed and said that Patag disrespected the dead.
  Nicole Laurel said that using her dad’s name for some kind of movement doesn’t help them. She also said that the prayers of the yellow supporters for her dad is fake.

Kat Kat, a friend of Iwi Laurel blasts the critics of President Duterte and said that using every opportunity to defame the current admin is very low.

 Vpr Ruiz said that using the death of someone to use against the current administration is a crazy and evil move.

 Elilsa Nainalsa was also angered by Patag post because of politicizing the death of someone.


Jim Paredes apologized to Nicole for what Cynthia posted on Social Media.


He said that they do not know that Patag posted the message of his wife to her on Facebook, but friends of Nicole was not convinced by Paredes’ reasons.

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