MUST WATCH: Witness Demonstrates How Delima Teased Jaybee Sebastian With A Pole!

Engelberto Durano, one of the witnesses in the House probe regarding the drug-trade in New Bilibid Prison, demonstrated how Sen. Leila Delima sexually teased drug convict Jaybee Sebastian. 
On the Wednesday’s hearing, Durano narrated what he saw when he was about to leave Delima with Sebastian. He said that the former DOJ secretary went to Sebastian and teased the convicted drug lord. 
Durano said that Delima walked in a sexy manner towards a pole and asked Sebastian, “Ok ba Jaybee?” When the host of the panel did not understand Durano’s narration, he asked him to act it out. Durano then did not hesitate to demonstrate how Delima sexually attracted Jaybee Sebastian.
At the end, Durano remarked Delima as “Tiguwang Igat (T.I)” or Malanding Matanda.
Meanwhile, the investigation of the House regarding Delima’s involvement in the New Bilibid Prison drug-trade is still ongoing.


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