MUST WATCH! President Duterte: First Ever President To Lend 40M Worth of Help for Typhoon Victims in Batanes!

Batanes is a small island on the upper part of the Philippines. It is the place mostly hit by typhoons. Another typhoon hit the island again where it appropriated damage worth about 1 billion pesos.

President Rodrigo Duterte marks a new history after visiting Batanes to lend a hand for those typhoon victims. He visited to make sure that the funds given to the victims will be used for the rehabilitation of their province. It is the first ever event wherein the president himself visited Batanes just to help and not to campaign. 

This is how president Duterte shows his love to his people. This only means that he's fair to all Filipinos and that he is willing to help those who are in need. He immediately released 40M for emergency shelter assistance for all the victims without any reservation.

Watch the video and see how inspiring it is to see the President himself help the victims of typhoons.


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