MUST READ: 'Pinagtulungan ako' —De Lima

'Pinagtulungan ako' —De Lima says

"Bakit ako magco-conceal?"

After a heated argument with Senator Rchard Gordon during the senate hearing on extrajudicial killings on Monday, Senator Leila de Lima walked out of the court. Gordon, the committee chairperson, accused De Lima of "material concealment" for not disclosing to the court that her witness Edgar Matobato has a pending case for the kidnapping of a certain Salim Makdum.

De Lima, calling it an "oversight", argued with Gordon and upon failure to receive an apology, left the court fuming.

"Saan ang concealment? Eto yung pinaka-away ko, ang ina-accuse ako ng kung ano-ano, na hindi naman tama, hindi naman totoo" she said to reporters.

She said almost everything is blamed on her, not only in the Senate but also in the House of Representatives. "Sa House, ginagawa nila sa akin yan. Kung ano-anong binibintang nila, tapos dito ganu'n din"

While in the court, Gordon looked for Matobato and was informed that the witness has left the senate for security reasons, which added fuel to Gordon's temper.

De Lima rebutted by saying that the witness had a decent reason to leave.

The senator said she felt as if her colleagues were ganging up against her.

She hit Gordon, saying that material concealment is a very serious accusation which needed evidence.

"Bakit ako magcoconceal?" she said, explaining that she didn't feel the need to disclose the information since Matobato has already stated it, "Kaya ko hindi vinolunteer yung info is because nasabi na pala ni Mr. Matobato," she said.

"I'm demanding for an aplogy, ayaw naman. Pagkatapos (niya) akong siraan ng siraan" she said, referring to Gordon.

When asked if she will attend another hearing, and if Matobato is to come back, she said she is unsure.

"Tingnan ko muna, pagiisipan ko muna," De Lima said.


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