MUST READ: Petition for Duterte impeachent spreads on the internet

Petition for Duterte impeachent spreads on the internet

A signature-campaign to impeach President Rodrigo Duterte is being spread on the internet and has so far garnered 625 votes. The petition on the website says Duterte should be impeached to put an end to Human Rights violations against "extrajudicial killings" or so called "death under investigations" linked to his drug war.

According to the statement, the wave of killings of suspected drug dealers has "left bloodied bodies in the city streets and instilled a climate of fear among Filipinos'". It states the number of deaths from June 30 to September 19, the date when it was written, has reached 1,027.

It also criticized how the victims were people on the margins of society, who are poor and are vulnerable targets.

The petition also called for intervention, and is planned to be delivered to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, the European Commission and the Commission on Human Rights.

The petition needs 375 more votes before it reaches the targeted 1,000 and will then be sent to the said sectors.


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