MUST READ! Duterte Supporter Sass Rogando Sasot Defends EJK! 'You didn’t count how many were raped, murdered, and robbed because of shabu'

Staunch Duterte supporter Sass Rogando Sasot questioned the critics of Duterte on the ongoing extrajudicial killings, asking them if they did something when heinous crimes caused by was rampaging across the country.

600,000 VS 530: THE WEIGHT OF ANGER VS. THE WEIGHT OF TEARSBy Sass Rogando Sasot
You are crying because of the alleged 530 victims of extra-judicial killings of suspected drug pushers, criminals, and addicts. You called them: “Casualties in Duterte administration’s war on crime.” I want to cry with you, but those tears are like the proverbial useless damo because patay na ang kabayo.The truth is: we have been at this war for a fucking long time already.But you didn’t care about the casualties before because they weren’t attributed to Duterte who you hate so much.You didn’t count the numbers of families destroyed by shabu, individuals who lost it and became a danger to themselves and to society.
You didn’t count how many were raped, murdered, and robbed because of shabu. You didn’t count them because you didn’t really care about them. They were the stuff daily tabloids are made of.Those who belong in the laylayan ng lipunan know this very well because those are the newspapers they read, the lives they live,and the dangers they face everyday.I want to cry with you but where were you when my friend was brutally murdered in his own house,allegedly by someone he knew who was allegedly addicted to shabu.

Where were you when another friend was brutally murdered in her own house. She was stabbed to death several times, 10? 15? 20? What difference does it make? She was found dead, naked, and almost frozen in her own house. They said the murder was allegedly related to drugs. It’s always allegedly.

Their murders are unsolved. Where were your fucking tears when “Bunso,” the youngest sibling of an OFW in Saudi Arabia, was found dead on “January 20, 2013 at 11 o’clock.” “Si Bunso ay nakahandusay at wala ng buhay sa damuhan.. kalat ang gamit, pasa ang mukha. Naghahalong luha, sipon at dugo ang nasilayan namin sa kanyang mukha. Nagpapahiwatig na hindi sa paraang ganun gusto niya mawala sa mundong ito.” The culprit? “tatlong adik na hanggang ngayon malayang nakakagala.” Unlike your Pieta, they didn't make it to the Inquirer, to ABS-CBN, to the New York Times. Hence, you didn't shed even a single tear for them.

We have been at war for a long time.The only difference?We now have a president who has the burat to fight back,who would stake his life, honor, and the presidency in this war,a war that has been waged for a long time and that we have already lost a long time ago.At least 600,000 shabu addicts and pushers have surrendered.Tell me, in your best estimate, how much suffering did they cause before they surrendered to the administration that is now fighting back a war long waged by those who let 600,000 happen? And who allowed to let it happen? Tell me. Tell us.

Tell your children, your students, our countrymen. Tell us who let the Sinaloa Drug Cartel, the most powerful and violent drug cartel in the world, take root in our country? Tell us who connived with the Chinese and West African Drug cartels? Tell us how our country became like this if indeed “human rights is the soul of our nation”? What kind of nation produces at least 600,000 shabu addicts and pushers? Is it a nation that really cared about the dignity of its people? There’s a war going on. Duterte didn’t start it. He is just fighting back. Hate him all you want. Hate us all you want. But we want our country back. And we will take it back by all means necessary. We don’t want 600,000 casualties of shabu anymore.

Cry for your 530.
And we’ll be angry at those who let 600,000 happen.


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