MUST READ! Barack Obama blasted De Lima: 'She likes complaining like an “abnormal” creature'

President Barack Obama has blasted Philippines Senator De Lima over the ongoing war against drugs-trafficking.

Speaking on Monday Morning Obama has criticized the eldest daughter of the former Philippine COMELEC Commissioner Vicente de Lima and Norma Magistrado, saying she likes complaining like an “abnormal” creature.

“The De Lima lady she will never appreciate the good thing leaders are doing to this world,you cannot go against the majority unless you are abnormal.” said Barack Obama

De Lima of the Liberal Party has been condemning the Philippine Drug War and urged the Philippine Congress to investigate. She called for an end of vigilante killings of drug suspects. On her privilege speech at Senate on August 2, she noted that “we cannot wage the war against drugs with blood. De Lima laments the indifference of the new government to extrajudicial killings and warns that more innocent people will suffer if the killings fail to stop.

On August 17, 2016, the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte alleged that de Lima had been having an affair with her driver, who Duterte also alleged functioned as De Lima’s collector for drug protection money when she was the Justice Secretary. Duterte also alleged that De Lima’s driver had been using drugs.Duterte later announced that he had in his possession wiretaps and ATM records which confirmed his allegations. He explained that he had received them from an unnamed foreign country. In September 2016, de Lima was removed from her position chairing a Senate committee investigating extrajudicial killings.


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