MUST READ: ABS-CBN and GMA Served a Sample of Duterte's Discipline!

Even during the campaign, Duterte had a lot of friction with the media. He condemned the 'media' for always twisting his statements and misunderstanding his context. However, a Duterte supporter recently fired back at big media.

ABS-CBN and GMA, aside from being the biggest, are also the longest-running networks that have been covering the current events of the country since the 50's. Both of them are located in Quezon City, specifically in Timog and Morato avenues. Hailing from Davao City, he pointed out that whenever he stays in Manila, these areas are usually traffic. And the culprit? Most of the networks' employees illegally park their car along the road causing the blockage. He specifically described the Sgt. Esguerra St. as being filled with double or sometimes even triple parked cars. He also addressed the networks saying that it is causing a lot of inconvenience for the motorists and they shouldn't disregard traffic rules. 

He shared a specific experience wherein he had the chance to ask a street vendor.

"When I asked around, one of the vendors who sold fishball in front of ABS-CBN told me that the change was not a voluntary gesture of public service by the network. They were actually forced to comply only after a whole fleet of tow trucks descended on the area like a fleet of locusts and started hauling the illegally parked vehicles away."

The Duterte supporter then concluded that even big networks should be firm in implementing discipline within their own organizations.

Duterte Supporter Fires Back at ABS-CBN and GMA's Lack of Discipline! READ MORE

Duterte Supporter Fires Back at ABS-CBN and GMA's Lack of Discipline! READ MORE


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