LOOK! Vladimir Putin: Fidel Ramos is blind to see what Duterte is doing

MOSCOW, Russia — The President of The Russia Federation, Vladimir Putin has fired shots at the former President of the Philippines Fidel Ramos for describing Duterte’s first 100 days as a “letdown”.
According to Vladimir Putin, anyone who does not see what “Duterte has achieved and is achieving is blind”. “Ramos is blind. You do not need medicated spectacles to see what Duterte has done” – Putin said.
Putin added that, Ramos is being moved by the complaints from the international community and not accessing the change he is witnessing in his own country.

“The Philippines is “losing badly” in the first 100 days of President Rodrigo Duterte in office, former President Fidel Ramos said.
The former president, however, noted that there is enough time to correct the flaws of the current administration so that the Philippines can emerge as a competitive country.


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  1. Allies trying to destroy our president. We Salute you Pres.Putin.


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