LOOK! Ogie Diaz to Yellowtardz 'May nagawa ba kayo nung nangako si Pnoy na magpapasagasa sa Tren at di rin naman nito tinupad?

During the press meeting when he presented the freed Norwegian hostage Kjartan SekkingstadPresident Rodrigo Duterte said that the administration needs 6 more months to solve the drug and crime problems of the country.

During his speech, he admitted that he did not realize the magnitude of the country’s drug problem when he imposed upon himself to eradicate crime in 6 months.

This has gotten much criticism from the anti-Dutertes, and people wouldn’t hold off. 
Some people even said that only a fool would believe his promises.
these comments has sparked comedian Ogie Diaz to speak up about the issue on Facebook.


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