LOOK! Former DILG Chief to De Lima: 'How Did You Pass The Bar?'

Former Department of Interior and Local Government Chief Rafael Alunan said that De Lima should go to the court and face all the charges filed against her. 

On his Facebook post on Friday, the ex-DILG Chief said that members of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption and executives of the National Bureau of Investigation cases were already filed against the senator.

Alunan even suggested that De Lima should have a televised lie detector test since she's given so much attention by the media men,

"If the test indicates that she's not guilty of narco-politics, that will help her case in court. But if she flunks the test, all her rabid supporters should re-examine their ethical foundations and apologize to the people" he said on his post.

The former DILG chief also questioned how De Lima passed the bar examinations for lawyers saying, "How did this person pass the bar?" 

Alunan was reacting to the editorial written by Ninez Cacho-Olivares for the Daily Tribune which criticized how De Lima herself bended the law in her term as the Secretary of Justice.

"What even amazes me is how the so-called pillars of society, especially our moral teachers, who support her are unable to think straight, unable to tell right from wrong." he wrote.

Former DILG Chief to De Lima: 'How Did You Pass The Bar?'


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