LOOK! De Lima: I am not a bad evil woman

Senator Leila de Lima defend again herself and hit back at President Duterte, She also denying all the accused to her.

“I am not a bad and evil woman or a slut they are trying to portray the past few weeks. I have not partied with or slept with any drug convict,” De Lima said.

“Yes I made mistake and when I do make mistakes in my personal life, I pick up the pieces and move on. But never did I betray my country,” she said.

“Yes, as a human being, as a woman, I have frailties, I have weakness, I’ve certain flaws. As a woman, I made I made mistakes in my personal life. And I’ve always considered my personal life as a private matter. It’s a scared thing to me but now they are intruding and encroaching into my privacy,” De Lima said.

De Lima warned about Duterte administration being unfair treatment of her case and continued character assassination against her.

“While being discriminated against or treated unfairly or disrespectfully simply by reason of one’s gender is still misogyny. Unfortunately that’s not the only way by which misogyny can rear its ugly head. The manner and not just the motive or reason can also make malicious and unfair treatment a case of misogyny,” De Lima said.

“In my case obviously, I owe my predicament not to my gender but to my sheer audacity to do my job first as chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and thereafter, secretary of justice,” she added.

She also denied the allegation being involved in illegal drug trade in NBP.

“I am not the mother of all these drug lords,” De Lima said

“Their goal is to crush and break my spirit so no one would listen to me anymore. Our democracy is in peril. That’s why I’m doing this,” she said.

“Halos walang nakikinig sakin sa Senado, I might as well get out of the Senate halls and reach out to you in the hope that you would listen and open your minds,” she added.


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