LOOK! ASEAN chiefs of police happy with Duterte’s drug war – Chief Dela Rosa

PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa said, mostly chief of police from other countries, are happy with Duterte’s war on drugs.

“I would like to inform you that all other chiefs of police na kasama ko doon, mostly coming from the Association Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) countries they are all very happy with what we are doing right now,” Dela Rosa said.

“Like Indonesia, he is being pressured by people of Indonesian to copy that the Philippines is doing right now sa ating war on drugs particularly yung ating oplan Tokhang. Sabi nung police commissioner nila doon which is equivalent ng chief PNP,” Dela Rosa said.

“All other countries are congratulating us for what we are doing,” Dela Rosa added.

According Indonesian police official, they are previously waged a war against illegal drugs but it waned when a new administration took over.

“Nagbago policy towards drugs, humina yung kampanya, ngayon gusto naman nila ibalik. So sabi nila parang nag-usap naman si President Joko Widodo at President Rodrigo Duterte regarding the war on drugs,” Dela Rosa said.

“So they are awaiting the final instructions from their president,” he added.

“Ganun din yung experience nila. Kausap ko yung chief ng Roral Thai Police, sabi niya during the time of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra ang ganda daw ng kampanyan nila against drugs. Talagang bumaba daw lahat ng krimen,” Dela Rosa said.

“Sa panahon daw ni Thaksin maganda daw ang resulta and they very happy to inform us na maganda yung kinalabasan nung kanilang kampanya. Thaksin kasi was known parang iron fisted leader so the same with our president, he has iron fist against crimes and illegal drugs. So halos ganun lang rin.” Dela Rosa added.


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