Lacson finds Duterte-Lascanas connection hard to believe

Lacson finds Duterte-Lascanas connection hard to believe

Senator Panfilo Lacson said that he doubted the claim of self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato that retiring SPO3 Arturo Lascanas received kill orders from his "close friend", President Rodrigo Duterte. Lacson said he didn't believe Matobato's testimonies after his round of questioning Lascanas at a senate hearing on extrajudicial killings on Monday.

Lacson, a former Philippine National Police chief told Lascanas that if allegations of his close relationship with Duterte were true, he would have been promoted before he retires.

“Ikaw, kung malapit kay Mayor, SPO3 ka mag-retire ka na SPO3? … Dapat mag-retire ka na SPO4 (para) ang pension mo (para sa) Inspector. Di ako makapaniwala na malakas ka,” he said.

“Ang tanong ko sa iyo, bakit ikaw ang inisip ni Matobato ang gamitin?” he asked Lascanas.

Lascanas earlier denied Matobato's claims that he received orders to kill targets.

Lacson meanhile noted that Matobato had "little credibility" because of his inconsistent statements.

“In my book mababa ang credibility niya,” he said.


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