Kat de Castro : "Ang Tambalang PHI-CHI Ay Makapaghatid Ng Maraming Kabutihan Kaysa Pinsala"

Kat de Castro says PH-China ties will bring more good than harm

Kat de Castro in her Facebook page said that people are overreacting on the recent announcement that President Rodrigo Duterte made,separating the Philippines from its ties with the United States.

"Dis he sign any paper that states that we are now a part of China or we just overreacting?" she wrote.

The daughter of Former Vice President Noli de Castro, said that the ties between Philippines and China will do more good than harm to our country.

She cited tourism as an example. At the present, China has lifted its travel ban on the Philippines which was caused by 2010's hostage crisis and the dispute over the West Philippine Sea.

She said more arrivals are to be expected and would give a surefire boom to the country's economy.

De Castro claims that she too would sometimes cringe at the President's cuss in an international stage.

"But you know what? I trust his instincts. I believe he's a mastermind when it comes to the chess of politics. Instead of criticising his move, why don't we, as Filipinos, support him?" she wrote.

She asked people to think: Would Duterte really sell the country he sacrificed himself for?

Kat de Castro says PH-China ties will bring more good than harm


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