JUST IN: TV anchor Slams mainstream media for forcing their interpretations on PRD's 'US separation' pronouncement

TV anchor slams mainstream media for misinterpreting PRD's 'US separation' pronouncement

Television anchor David Nye on Saturday hit on the media and the people who lash on President Rodrigo Duterte for having ended the Philippine's ties with the United States of America.

Nye said that one of the main problems is the media forcing their interpretations in their newscasts.

"They've started interpreting Duterte's clarification that he meant "separation of foreign policy" rather than a "severance of ties" when he declared a separation from the US." he said.

He said the media wont listen to the facts and would insist on the framing that would best suit their interest.

"They simply want to create a narrative out of thin air-and presumably based on the bias they've been clearly displaying without regard for journalism ethics."

He said the media is so confident on their influence on the people, but do not realize that the people are already beginning to see through them.

He says the people are already losing trust in the media.

The reporter said that pursuing independent policy is no big deal and that it's what independent countries are expected to do.

He also said that even the countries that are "cozier" to the US have begun to adopt pragmatic policies that make the US uneasy.

"Staunch US allies such as the UK, Germany, France and Italy have decided to join the China-initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in March."

The AIIB is an institution that aims to support infrastructure building in the Asia-Pacific region.

Nye said if China was as "evil" as media and other Filipinos claim, why would US invite China to joint military exercises?

"It's clear that Duterte's decisions are based on practical considerations for the Philippines's benefit. If anyone has a problem with that, he/she should have his/her head checked." he wrote.

TV anchor slams mainstream media for forcing their interpretations on PRD's 'US separation' pronouncement


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