JUST IN! Houseboy, drivers as consultants? Senate should 'investigate Trillanes' - Rico Quicho

MANILA, Philippines - The camp of Vice President Jejomar Binay asked the Senate ethics committee on Monday, August 24, to investigate Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for allegedly using millions worth of public funds a month to pay his household employees and donors who financed his senatorial campaign.

The use of public funds for his personal benefit is clearly unethical, immoral, and a blatant abuse of his office. The taxpayers are paying for his household [expenses] and his personal debt, said lawyer Rico Quicho, Binay's spokesperson for political affairs, in a statement sent to reporters.

Quicho said Trillanes is violatingCOA Circular No 85-55-A, which defines unnecessary expenditures as those not supportive of the implementation of the objectives and mission of the agency relative to the nature of its operation. This would also include incurrence of expenditure not dictated by the demands of good government, and those the utility of which can not be ascertained at a specific time. An expenditure that is not essential or that which can be dispensed with without loss or damage to property is considered unnecessary. The mission and thrusts of the agency incurring the expenditures must be considered in determining in whether or not an expenditure is necessary.

The same COA circular adds that unnecessary expenditures include those which could not pass the test of prudence or the diligence of a good father of a family, thereby denoting non-responsiveness to the exigencies of the service.

Pati houseboy 'sinama na niya as consultant(He even included his houseboy as a consultant). He should stop his moralizing and pontificating since the more he talks, the more he is exposed as a hypocrite, said Quicho.

We are sure he will again blame the opposition for this exposé. But we did not invent the Senate documents. The senator should explain before he complains, the lawyer added.

Trillanes is a staunch critic of the Vice President and is a member of the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee that has been probing into the corruption allegations against the Binays for a year now.


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  1. better start investigate about this. This is not a joke. trillanes is using tax payers money for his own personal expenses... WTF!


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