JUST IN: Erap fears for Duterte’s presidency, says US might oust him; "Ingat Ka"

Manila mayor Joseph Estrada on Saturday said he is worried that the United States might move to oust President Rodrigo Duterte following the latter’s latest tirades as well as pronouncement of separating from the US.

In a press statement, Estrada said that while he is in favor of Duterte’s decision to cut military and economic ties with the US, he is also worried that this move might expose the President to “political risks” as the US might use its influence to oust him. “Yun ang pangamba ko, sa akin nga ginawa eh,” Estrada said, claiming that the US had a hand in his ouster from presidency in 2001. Nonetheless, Estrada said he supports Duterte’s decision to chart an independent foreign policy and shun any meddling by the US especially in the country’s internal affairs. “Tama naman ginagawa ni Pangulong Duterte, bakit sila [US] nakikiaalam? Di komo tinututulungan tayo ng US, papakialaman naman nila internal problems natin,” Estrada said.

“We are a sovereign country. We have our own Constitution,” he added. Estrada said he is also in favor of Duterte’s decision to realign to China. “Kasi ang China ‘di nakikialam sa atin, sa ating independence,” Estrada said. In a press conference upon his arrival from a four-day state visit in China, Duterte clarified that the Philippines is not cutting diplomatic ties with the US but would just separate from its supposed dictates. “What I mean was a separation of foreign policy… In the past we always follow what the US would give the cue. We follow, sunod-sunod tayo. Hindi ako magsunod,” Duterte said.


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