Israeli expat on meeting President Duterte “What an amazing experience! I accept Duterte’s apology”

An Israeli who lives in the Philippines shared his amazing experience on Facebook after he met President Duterte personally in a Synagogue in Makati October 4.

Gadi Bizinyan, posted the amazing story in his personal Facebook account and he got thousands of likes from the Netizens. Mr. Gabi Bizinyan who literally 6 meters away from Duterte said that he personally accepted his apology because he saw a very sincere message from the President.

“I personally accept Duterte’s apology for his improper comparison and cheer for his willingness to talk in front of the Jewish community in a very sincere manner.” He said on his Facebook post.

He also said that he totally support Duterte’s fight against illegal drugs, corruption and criminality unlike the other foreigners who criticised the President.

“Unlike many foreigners, I totally support Duterte’s very legit fight against the drugs and the world of crime standing behind it. I hope he will win the war against the bad guys who are destroying the Philippines.” He added.

Netizens are very happy that foreigners like Bizinyan appreciated the President’s effort to fight criminality and corruption in the Philippines and he received many positive comments from them.


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