'I may be losing my hair but she is losing her mind,' Says Aguirre to De Lima

Following the inquiry conducted inside the House Representative regarding the alleged connection of Senator Leila De Lima to the illegal drug trade inside the New Bilbid Prison, De Lima continues to deny the allegations.

Recently, Jaybee Sebastian, a high-profile inmate inside the national penitentiary, finally agreed to testify against De Lima as he is believed to be De Lima's direct contact inside the Bilibid. Despite this, De Lima claimed that the witnesses were forced to testify and that Justice Secretary Aguirre II is the "Master of Fakery".

Aguirre immediately reacted on De Lima's pronouncement saying that “I may be losing my hair but she is losing her mind."

“Ni hindi sinabi kung ano finake ko pati daw buhok ko fake, Sen. De Lima ang pagdepensa mo ayusin mo,” he added.

“Hindi ganyan ang pagdepensa. Isa kang magaling na abogado," he  further said.

“You have been the Justice Secretary for six years, what did you do? You should tell us what did you do to stop the drug proliferation inside the New Bilibid Prison,”


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