Hillary Clinton: Saying De Lima Is Not A Drug-Trafficker Is Like Saying A Pregnant Woman Is Virgin

NEW YORK-The Democrats Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has entered in the list of the world leaders who have commented on the ongoing war against drugs in Philippines.

Speaking during a presidential debate on Monday ,Clinton gave an example of corrupt leaders in the world and stated that Philippines Senator De Lima is among the most corrupt women in the world saying she cannot be like her when elected.

“You see women like Sen.De Lima of Philippines,she the most corrupt and noisy woman in the world,noisy but doing nothing,Ladies and gentlemen,saying De Lima is not corrupt or a drug-trafficker is like claiming a pregnant woman in a maternity ward is a virgin,walking lie.”

According to our correspondent, De Lima has been fighting the Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte who is working hard to tame drug lords in the country.More than 1000 drug users have been punished including De Lima who of late was overthrown from the senate chairmanship.


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