Effect Of Int'l Media, Australia Urges PH To Stop Extra-Judicial Killings

The Australia expressed their concern regarding the “extra-judicial killings” in Manila, Philippines being reported by the international media.

The Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has spoken and urged President Duterte to stop the extra-judicial killings where in fact, it’s the anti-drug campaign.
The campaign is set to eradicate illegal drug trades in the country and save the future generations.
We urge the government to ensure the cessation of extrajudicial killings and offer all Filipino citizens their rights according to the country’s criminal justice system. –Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop
On the other note, President Duterte demands not to listen to human rights groups, here’s what the President said:
Huwag kayong making dyan sa human rights groups, because human rights is always the anti-thesis of government.-Pres. Duterte

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