Last October 7 marked the first 100 days of President Duterte’s administration. During that small amount of time, he was able to do a lot of things that garnered praise from various people from our country. Although, there are still those that are not satisfied, there are those who publicly praised our President. An example of this is the church leaders that approved his first 100 days.

Amidst the praise that he got from the church leaders, President Duterte gave his comments against them.

“Well anyway, ganito ‘yan. I’m really appalled by so many groups and individuals, including priests and bishops complaining about the number of persons killed, itong dito sa operation against the drug problem,”

Duterte appealed to cops “not to die” in following his orders. Sad over the number of cops he is losing because of the bloody drug war, Duterte recognizes the sacrifices each fallen policeman make just to rid the country of illegal drugs.

“You know I average… I lose two policemen a day all over the country. And I take time to go there, not only to condole with the family but also to show my solidarity with you because the expectations ng tao sa atin is really that we can stop this problem on time,”

Duterte reiterated that the country cannot progress if there is no peace between the law enforcers and the public. He said he want to clean this country so the next generation can live without the evil that we are forced to live with today.

“Ladies and gentlemen, may I tell you now. This is an ongoing and a recurring problem which will never be stopped by any. ‘Di talaga ito… We can only slow it down, but by the next generation, o ‘nung sino ‘yung presidente uli, tapos ang… Kung tingnan mo lang diyan sa harap mo kung sino — apat lang kami na tumakbo — isipin lang ninyo kung hindi ako naging Presidente kung anong nangyari.”


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