Duterte Imitates Yasay’s English Accent. Crowd Laugh As Hard!

President Duterte made a very funny mimicry of Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay’s manner of speaking English in his recent speech in Ilagan City, Isabla, in line with Emergency Shelter Assistance’s (ESA) relief distribution to the people affected in Typhoon Lawin. 

 His imitation is so funny that made the audience laughed crazily. The mimicry was not that good but it was so funny and he did it in a child-like manner. 

 Duterte did this with no hesitations. He looked like he did not care what the people would say and think about what he is going to do and say. He is simply expressing himself. He does it always in public. 

 He is one-of-a-kind president. No double face. Not plastic. What you see is what you get.


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