Kath Alano an alleged rape victim, she recently accused Leila de Lima saying, “using Filipino women as protection against your own wrongdoing.”

“When I contacted you and beseeched you as a woman and a Filipina to stand up for rape victims everywhere, you turned a blind eye,” Alono said.

Senator Leila de Lima quickly replies to Kath Alano accused against her saying, “First of all I don’t know her and I don’t remember that she ever approached me. And sa mga ganyang pananalita it is useless to convince her of my side and my innocence.”

Senator De Lima advised Miss Alano that she’s better to stop debating women’s group who have chosen to support her in her fight against President Duterte.

“Well she can debate with the other women’s groups. I am blessed enough to have the support of many women’s groups. Diyan nga rin ako nalulungkot na itong issue na ito surrounding me ay parang nagko-cause din ng some wedge or some division between and among women,” De Lima said.

“Kasi meron mga babae na ayaw maniwala sa akin, merong mga ibang babae na para sa kanila, guilty na ako. So hindi nila naiintindihan or they refuse to acknowledge the misogynistic character of this President just like a candidate for president of the US,” she added.


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