Isang araw pagkatapos humingi ng paumanhin ni Jim Paredes pagkatapos nilang magpakalat ng maling impormasyon, humingi narin ng paumanhin si Cynthia Patag kina Iwi Laurel at sa anak nitong si Nicole Laurel Asensio.

Ito ay matapos kuyugin si Cynthia Patag ng mga netizens at ng mismong pamilya ni Noli Asensio dahil sa pagpapakalat nila ng maling impormasyon kaugnay ng pagkamatay ni Noli upang tuluyang batikusin ang administrasyon ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte.

Martes, October 18, sa pamamagitan ng kanyang Facebook account, humingi ng paumanhin si Cynthia sa pamilya ni Nole.

Sinabi ni Cynthia ang pagkakamali sa pag-post publicly ng isang private message mula kay Lydia, asawa ni Jim.

Narito ang buong mensahe ni Cynthia:

"To Iwi Laurel and Nicole Laurel Asencio:

Please accept my deepest apology for mistakenly reposting about Noli Asencio's demise.

You see, people constantly send me material to post on my Facebook wall for a wider reach. I received the PM from, Lydia M. Paredes; it was a simple case of "wrong send." Normally, I wouldn't have posted it since I didn't know the Titas, Titos, cousins, anybody in your family. But I thought Lydia wanted it posted, and I think highly of her, so I posted it.

It was only when I returned Jim Paredes' angry call that I learned about your family's rage against me for reposting THE POST. I deleted it immediately.

Susme! Nicole accused me of using her deceased dad for my own vile political agenda. "You should be ashamed of yourself! Have some respect for yourself first!" You, too, Iwi, posted the same, but awa ng Dios, yours was more subdued: "Who appointed you as spokesperson for our family?" HA?😳 Ay, Laurel-Asencio - mga Pinoy elite pala sila.😊

Salivating DU30 hyenas are gleefully feasting on me on your walls and theirs, heard THE POST made it to the Rappler, viciously maligning me.

I am sorry for the cataclysm I unwittingly caused, Lydia and Jim. You both know I have no malice in me.😔"


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