According to the published article of Bro. Eli Soriano via, the term "extrajudicial killings" is recklessly being used by critics of President Rodrigo Duterte to condemn his administration.

"“Which is more evil: criminals are being killed or criminals are being cuddled?" he asked.

Soriano slams the California-based Catholic Filipino who described the Philippines is evil because of extra-judicial killings.

“Have these Catholic priests and members bravely spoken also in the past against these drug perpetrators?”

“Why are these self-righteous talkatives silent when drug addicts killed their young, their parents, their relatives and even authorities, who sacrifice their lives to arrest these criminals, that wrought havoc not only to the entire nation but also to the entire world?”

Bro. Eli asked, all the criminalities associated with drugs are being exposed and highlighted.

“Must it mean that there are those who pay the media to sensationalize the alleged “extrajudicial killings” to unseat Duterte?”

“And must it mean also that the ‘silence’ that have passed and that the ongoing ‘noise’ now are orchestrated by these same people playing their instruments under the baton of those who profit most in drugs?”

Bro. Eli also reiterated that he is not defending President Duterte.

“I am reiterating … that I am not in defense of President Duterte!”


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