Breaking: Russia's Vladimir Putin Responds To Duterte's Alliance Request

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has on Tuesday responded to the a request made by the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte.
Rodrigo Duterte said on Monday he would visit Russia and China this year to chart an independent foreign policy and "open alliances" with two powers with historic rivalries with the United States.

Duterte said the Philippines was at the "point of no return" in relations with former colonial ruler the United States , so he wanted to strenghten ties with others and picked two global powers that hve been sparring with Washington on the international political stage.

Responding to Duterte's request, Vladimir Putin feels so much delighted that the Philippines would love to strong ties with Russia. In answering a question asked him by a local TV station, the Russian president said:

"Duterte is welcomed to Russida. You know our doors are opened to leaders who are ready to make a positive impact in the world and Duterte is one of them."


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