BREAKING NEWS: San Beda Professor nanawagan sa pobliko na hayaan nalang at wag patulan ang utak “BOBO ” na si Trillanes

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is getting the ire not only of the public, but also of the scholars after he filed a resolution on Oct. 17 asking the Senate committee on public order and dangerous drugs, a body that Sen. Panfilo Lacson chairs, to hold a legislative inquiry into the alleged role of police officers in vigilante killings amid President Duterte’s brutal war on drugs.

 During a radio interview on Monday, San Beda College of Sociology Professor Tomas Dominguez said Trillanes is getting redundant and nonsense.

“I think Sen. Trillanes should really start doing his real job right now. He is using his time no other than criticizing the Duterte government, and he is using people’s money in doing so,” Dominguez said. 

 Dominguez also added that Trillanes should accept the fact that he can’t do anything to win against Duterte.

“We are talking about a president with 86% trust rating here. We are talking about a very strong and straight forward president.

 Why don’t support him instead? The more I hear Trillanes with his rhetoric, the more I think that he is an attention-seeking egomaniac. I think people sand the public should really ignore him. 

 He is getting irrelevant these days”, Dominguez added. The law-educated and Doctor of Philosophy professor also noted that the Philippines will having a difficulty going forward if Filipinos continue to vote people like Sen. Trillanes.

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