BREAKING NEWS! Police Chief Spots Senator’s Name In Arrested Mayor’s Drug Logbook

News broke out just now that a senator’s name is allegedly mentioned in a record book of drug transactions of an arrested mayor who was part of the links in the drug trade, a police chief confirmed. 

Former mayor Rolando Espinosa’s logbook of transactions included the name of a high-profile senator, according to Jovie Espenido who is the police chief of the town Albuera in Leyte

Espinosa was arrested last October 5 and was charged with illegal possession of dangerous drugs and firearms. 

Mayor Espinosa has been tagged by President Rodrigo Duterte as one of the protectors of illegal drug activities.

"May [pangalan ng] senador nga nakita ko - dating secretary ng DOJ [Department of Justice] siguro iyon," police chief Espenido said.  

[Translation: I saw [the name of] a senator - perhaps that of a former Department of Justice Secretary.] 

Despite his attempt for discretion, it is not unknown to the people that Senator Leila De Lima is the only senator to have held a position of secretary in the Department of Justice during the previous administration of former President Benigno Aquino III.

The police chief's statement comes after he filed on Wednesday a case of illegal possession of dangerous drugs against De Lima before the Ombudsman in the Tacloban City, the provincial capital of Leyte.

De Lima, who has been accused by inmates at the national penitentiary of having received money from illegal drugs to fund her senatorial bid, has denied links to the illegal drug trade.

Police Chief Spots Senator’s Name In Arrested Mayor’s Drug Logbook


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