BREAKING NEWS! Paolo Duterte accepts Trillanes’ challenge for a drug test

Presidential son and Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte accepted the challenge of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for them to undergo a comprehensive drug test after the young Duterte revealed that a senator is using cocaine.

Paolo earlier said that he was informed by the cocaine-using senator’s friend who also happens to be his friend about the vice of the said senator. Duterte howe er refused to divulge the identity of the senator pending the evidence he would be able to gather.

Senator Trillanes IV was quick to dispel Duterte’s statement as he challenged the presidential son to name the senator in public. Trillanes also challenged the vice mayor to submit himself to drug test that would test not just urine but the blood as well. Duterte said he would gladly do it as he urged Trillanes and all of the senators to do the same considering that most of the public servants have already been doing it in support of the anti-illegal drugs campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Vice Mayor Duterte suggested they undergo the drug test at a high-precision drugs test center in BGC, Taguig which, he said, would show illegal drugs in hair samples.

Few weeks back, Vice Mayor Duterte and most of the city councilors have already undergone drug testing conducted by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and all of them tested negative.

Back then, the vice mayor said he would also undergo a more comprehensive drug testing in Manila, one that could detect illegal drugs taken even months or years back.


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