BREAKING NEWS: Oprah Winfrey Denies Inviting Kris Aquino in her show

A Facebook post of one of Kris Aquino’s non-celebrity close friends went viral for a short time before it was taken down.

 On Monday, Ceci Briones, a close friend of the the Philippine Media Queen said the American Media Queen has invited her Philippine counterpart for a dinner talk.

Briones was referring the former to Oprah Winfrey, while the latter to Kris Aquino.

Oprah is no longer hosting talk shows but she is still appearing on television from time to time with special guests.

 The post gained more than 200,000 likes and 23,000 comments before it was taken down few hours later, but not before Oprah’s people took notice.

Oprah’s chief aide Danielle Adams during a CNBC interview last night said, her boss does not have any talk show schedule with anyone.

 “Oprah will not have any talk show until next year. She was contemplating on returning to TV but she is now enjoying her retirement and I doubt about any future television projects,”Adams said.

 Netizens were quick to criticize Aquino, referring her as “ambitious and attention hungry queen of drama”.

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