BREAKING NEWS! Kung Kayo Ay May Planung Pupunta Sa Aming Bansa,Kuha Kayo Ng Visa! - Pres Duterte

It seems that the days where the Americans are coming in and out of the country because they only need their passports, are nearing their end. President Duterte is planning to screen the Americans coming inside the Philippines by requiring them to have visas.

Speaking at the Philippines-China Trade and Investment forum in Beijing Thursday (Oct. 20), Duterte scored the Americans for visiting the Philippines “as if they own the place” just because they do not need a visa.

Filipinos experience discrimination when they go to the US.

“Filipinos who go to America and who have the money, they are not just only berated in the visa control, in the consular office… they are humiliated. And so maybe– Is there American here? If you are planning to go to my country, you get a visa from where you come from. Maybe it’s about time,”

The President said Filipinos are only treated nicely in the US when Americans know foreigners could contribute something to their country.


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