BREAKING NEWS! De Lima nanawagan sa sambayanang pilipino na sumali sa laban kontra sa DIKTADURANG DUTERT

Senator Leila De Lima has been under a lot of scrutiny lately, and now that she has been recently been appointed by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines as the poster girl for human rights, it is safe to assume that she has yet to find her peace.

During her talk at the College of the Holy Spirit in Mendiola, Manila, she talked about human rights and democracy which was part of her mandate as the advocate of human rights for CBCP.

While she was at it, she urged the public to “fight the greatest fight since EDSA People Power Revolution.” 

De Lima said, “I’m here, not to call on you to fight for me. While I thank everyone who has expressed their support for me, I know that my battles are my own.”

The problems she was referring to were the allegations made against her regarding her connections with the drug trade inside the New Bilibid Prison. 

“I’m here to ask you to fight the greatest fight our nation has faced since the People Power Revolution in 1986. But it is not a fight against the President.

Not a fight against his men,” De Lima further said.

“The battlefield is actually the Filipino’s minds. Social media has been weaponized – by their own admission.

Humour has been weaponized by turning serious issues like rape and other women’s issues into laughing matters.”

De Lima also had a word for President Duterte’s supporters, saying, “You are not expected, or should be made to believe you’re obligated to defend your elected leader’s behavior after they assume power. Those acts are their own and you have all the right in the world to voice your objection.”


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