BAGSAK: Erap Gives Robredo 2 out of 10 on Her First 100 Days as VP


In his speech, Estrada praised the president for accomplishing something his predecessors had never done before – including him.

“I think our president have accomplished something that none of us – his predecessors had accomplished before. There is no need for me to enumerate his accomplishments. You know and feel it already”, Estrada said.

Estrada also added that the Department of Transportation’s aggressiveness to ease Metro Manila’s traffic problem is a big help to ease port congestion. Port congestion during the previous administration had resulted to billions of pesos in loses.
Estrada also gave his opinion on Vice President Leni Robredo’s first 100 days as compared to Duterte’s.

“E wala pa naman syang nagagawa eh. Yong paikot-ikot nya sa Pilipinas dahil sa kanyang mga adbokasya wala pa akong nakikitang resulta, at wala akong nakikitang magiging magandang resulta”, Estrada said.

The Manila mayor also said Robredo did nothing about Yolanda housing project in her first 100 days.
“Puro plano, walang aksyon”, Estrada briefly answered referring to Robredo.

“I think I have my time to rate now since former President Fidel Ramos has already given his rating to Digong and I respect that. Pero kung ako tatanungin nyo tungkol kay Leni, I could say, I will give her 2 out of 10. Bagsak sya sa akin”, Erap said.


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