A Petition To Suspend Mocha Uson's Blog Facebook Page Is Trending In Change.org

Mocha Uson is a model, actress, singer turned blogger. Her blog is www.mocha.com.ph, as of June 2016, the blog has over 20 million hits. That time though, she was using the blog to provide commentary and advice on sex-related issues, host provocative online video chats, and post semi-naked photographs of herself.

During the Presidential elections, the blog shifted to the politics side when she started posting issues about politics. But she didn’t stop there, she became the voice of all the Duterte fans, although lately, the people who are anti-Duterte seem to feel that she’s been spreading lies just so she can have website hits and page views.

Mocha Uson Blog, as of last check, has a vast fan base of approximately 4 million people. The Philippines needs your help to end this social media page which promotes lies and hate-mongering online. I have never seen someone divides our country so much since the time of Marcos. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Spread the word.


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