WOW ha! Koko says De Lima is fine with her ouster: Nag-meryenda pa nga sya

politiko-Koko says fear over defying Duterte s EO is punishment enough Manginginig kayo

Senate President Koko Pimentel said Sen. Leila de Lima was a real sport when they met at the Senate Executive Dining Room during a session break just minutes after the former Justice Secretary was ousted as chair of committee on justice and human rights.

“‎Maganda ang pag uusap namin, sabi lang naman niya just like a lot of things in the Senate, majority rules, kung ano nakakaraming numero, if the senators believe that there is a need to reorganize, who can stop it if you don’t have the numbers,” said Pimentel in an interview with reporters after 16 Senators voted to install Sen. Richard Gordon as de Lima’s replacement.

Pimentel said he agreed with the move to declare the committee chair vacant cause he felt that they needed a “more objective chair.”‎ He said it was up to Gordon if he would allow self-confessed killer Edgar Matobato to appear for a second time in the Senate.

‎Pimentel denied that President Rodrigo Duterte talked to him about kicking out De Lima.

Asked if De Lima was emotional, Pimentel said: “Hindi naman, nag meryenda pa nga siya.” ‎Pimentel said De Lima she was fine with her ouster as committee chair (she remained as a member) as long as she was allowed to speak her mind in the hearings.


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