Witness Reveals Mocha Girls and Sharon Cuneta Performed Inside New Bilibid Prison and Turns into 'Little Las Vegas!'

Recent reports have indicated that the maximum security compound of New Bilibid Prison turned into a mini-Vegas outing with performances from celebrities and even the Mocha Girls during Senator Leila De Lima's tenure as the Justice Secretary of the DOJ, according to ex-police and inmate Rodolfo Magleo.

Magleo was convicted of kidnapping and is one of the six individuals presented by the Department of Justice as the witnesses in the House Probe regarding the heightened drug activities during the previous administration.

Magleo revealed that security officials and several inmates at the maximum security compound were able to live a rather luxe lifestyle due to the lack of supervision and security implementation during De Lima's term as the Justice Secretary.

It was called ‘Little Las Vegas’ dahil maraming concerts na nangyayari and [these were] not ordinary concerts. Concert ito ng mga celebrities, mga famous celebrities katulad nila Freddie Aguilar, Sharon Cuneta. The Mocha Girls performed, [as well as] Ethel Booba. I cannot recall the name of the dancers anymore, and several comedienne, celebrities -Magleo said.

He also said that during De Lima's time as the Justice Secretary, drug trades and other activities were plentiful inside the prison walls of New Bilibid. With the help of foreign drug lords, mainly the Chinese, the drug trades and operations inside the prison scaled up. “Itong mga Pinoy players, they have their players outside, mga agents sa labas, covering Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Through cellphone magkocontactan sila. Iyung tao ng foreign national drug lord, siya ang magbibigay ng droga sa tao ng Pilipino at magme-meet sila sa labas,” Magleo stated.

High profile inmate Jaybee Sebastian also revealed that De Lima and former BuCor chief Franklin Bucayu received drug money from the drug operations inside New Bilibid Prison.

Since then, Senator De Lima has faced numerous accusations and allegations in which she continues to strongly deny.


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