WATCH: Uminit ang ulo ni Sen. Gordon, Trillanes at De Lima Pinagalitan

No one wrecks with Dick Gordon. What’s more, now the Senate plotters are in a ton of hurt.

At this point, even Senators Leila de Lima, Antonio Trillanes and Franklin Drilon must understand that their star witness Edgar Matobato has besieged big time in the Senate.

Furthermore, with Senator Richard Gordon immovably in charge of the panel that those three endeavored to seize and change over into a hostile to Duterte cleanser box, it’s probable that none of alternate witnesses they have in the pipeline will approach any longer.

What’s more, it won’t be on account of alternate witnesses that the DDS (for Drilon, De Lima and Sonny, as Senator Alan Peter Cayetano has dedicated the group) may have arranged would be bullied, debilitated or purposely confounded, regardless of the fact that they’re for all intents and purposes uneducated like Matobato. That is the thing that De Lima and Trillanes attempted to infer, coincidentally, amid the decimation of Matobato’s declaration after addressing by Cayetano.

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