WATCH! Senator Manny Pacquiao teaches Senator De Lima on Senate rules

Senator Manny Pacquiao teaches the former justice committee chairperson and Human Rights on Senate rules after he noticed that De Lima was defending Edgar Matobato, a self-proclaimed hitman who worked for President Duterte.

Sen. De Lima asked the panel to allow witness Edgar Motabato to finish his answers, because Senators were continuously asked questions to Motabato even he is not yet done answering previous questions.

After that, Manny Pacquiao reminded Sen. De Lima, about the senate rules.

“What I understand, Mr Chairman, ito ay inquiry sa isang witness para pakinggan ang statement ng witness. Hindi natin dedepensahan siya kundi i-examine kung nagsasabi ng totoo” Pacquiao told the committee.

Pacquiao believes that Senators must not defend witnesses who faces credibility test.

“Tayong mga senador, nag-iimbestiga. ‘Di magpo-protekta sa witness. ‘Yun po ang rules natin dito” Pacquiao aded. Manny Pacquiao earlier moved to oust De Lima as the chairperson of the committee on justice and human rights.


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