Senator Leila De Lima now accepts whatever President Duterte would like to do, she’s now ready to be captured by policemen.

The embattled senator Leila de Lima surrenders to Duterte and tells everyone that she will not run away from all the allegations against her just this Wednesday, she said:

Tama na hulihin niyo na ako ngayon. Yun naman talaga gusto niyo. Ikulong ninyo na ako ngayon. I’m here, do what you want to me, Mr. President. I will wait for you.

It seems that De Lima will never admit all the allegations to her especially the involvement to the illegal drug trade. Despite the statements of witnesses, De Lima believes she’s innocent.

What am I supposed to do now? Tell me now. I’m not going to leave this country and escape anything because there is nothing to escape from.
I want to fight here in the country. Hindi po ako duwag dahil wala akong kasalanan. Yung mga nagtatago lamang at tsaka yung mga duwag ang umaatras. Hindi si Leila de Lima. Hindi ako pinalaki ng tatay ko para maging duwag.

Meanwhile, even the former employees of Senator Leila De Lima are now affected by the issue and thus, the senator admitted that she can’t do anything just to save them.

I feel so helpless, I cannot even help them with lawyers. This is the worst challenge in its sobrang sheer brazenness. It’s almost surreal, unimaginable, unprecedented na ginagawa ng sitting Pangulo ang ginagawa niya ngayon against a sitting senator because of personal vendetta and whatever motives he has.

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