WATCH: Europeans Express Concern Regarding News Headlines Coming From The Philippines

The administration of President Rodrigo Duterte has been making headlines particularly the war they are fighting against drugs in the country especially in other countries which have taken notice by the international media.

"Punishing drug dealers or suspected drug dealers without justice. That sounds, compared to the human rights standards here in Europe, it sounds really scary," one Czech national stated.

Jacqueline Hale, a British national, said "We all have to address the problem of crime, but to do so in a way which is so violent? It shouldn't happen anywhere. Not in Europe, not in the Philippines."

The drug-related killings have become a hot topic overseas and other nationalities have expressed their concerns.

But Filipinos living in Europe and other parts of the world said that Europeans should not judge Duterte's administration on fighting drugs because he is doing his best to solve the long pandemic issue of the country.

A Fil-American studen in Brussels said "Before you make judgments, ask what's happening in the Philippines, and don't judge Filipinos as a whole because of what's happening,"

Despite the rising killings, Duterte has also received support from other nationalities as well in his quest to eradicate drug problems in the Philippines.


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