WATCH! De Lima: Explain it Thoroughly and Don't Ask in English

The intense heat of the senate is still on going and De Lima's witness surely is being dissected at the court.

Senator Gordon is being confronted by De Lima's appeal for the witness that they should "give considerations" to the witness.

Senators were asked to explain their questions thoroughly and to not use english when asking the witness. Senator Gordon immediately replies that since the witness entered the room, he should already be prepared. Stating that it is their job to verify the witness' credibility thus asking the questions.

Senator Gordon also added the fact that the witness is actually changing statements. Defending that the records do not match the witness' current standing in the court.

Lastly, Gordon asked the witness to say only the truth since it is the only thing they will be after inside the court. Lawyers could call on other senators and even De Lima herself, if and only if there is a flaw in their ways of investigation.

"Our job here is to investigate." - Senator Dick Gordon


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