WATCH: ABS-CBN Allege False & Bias Report Against Duterte Speech almost Destroys US and the Philippines Mutual Relations, Netizen calls for ABS CBN Closure due to Allege Threat to Phippine National Security

Manila, Philippines: President Rodrigo R. Duterte says that He didn't "curse" Obama saying Media twisted his words which has cause great damage to US-Philippines being one of the closest Ally espcially over a treaty signed between the two countries for Mutual defense against the abuse of China infiltrating the "South China Sea".

Netizen Reacted that ABS-CBN may cause US not to defend the Philippines against China's Advancement and pointed out that ABS-CBN must allegedly be removed before it will cause further damage to the nation.

This statement was related to Senator Peter Cayetano's case filed against ABS-CBN about "Bias & False Reporting at the Taguig Regional Trial Court lately and the Court has finish issuing RTO to the said Giant Network but another allege false report was again committed making it appear that President Duterte called Obama: "Son of a whore." which is Untrue and Twisted accordingly.

It thus resulted into making Obama and Clinton furious especially when Obama cancel His Bilateral meeting with Duterte in Laos. Clinton added what Obama did is right while calling President Duterte to show respect to US President Obama so ABS-CBN has just done an allege very devastating remarks which connotes quoting that the winner is the "YELLOW"


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