This Japanese Woman Amazingly Painted President Duterte. Find Out Her Background

A famous Japanese virtual artist, Ayumi Endo released her work of President Duterte that is outweighing a city skyline. She has done various works but her President Duterte-inspired piece has caught the attention of many Filipinos.

Her piece, ‘The Patriot’, ‘Tatay Digong’ and ‘Change Is Coming’ that created a huge impact.
Alum Endo was invited by USC-SAFAD (University of San Carlos - School of Architecture Fine Arts and Design) for her to have a live session of painting also in a event in Mega Cebu.

 It’s through her manager and the Cebu natives that made her know about President Duterte. 
Endo was asked if what is her inspiration on doing her Duterte art pieces.
“My inspiration is the people of the Philippines who really wanted change. I can feel them yearning for it.” Endo said.

President Duterte left an impact to the Japanese painter when she visited Cebu last year and on that time, Duterte was the word of mouth.

Her works create an impression and sends a significance that the Philippine President’s pizzazz made even the foreigners to have faith that Duterte will really bring change to the country.

Her photo painting one of her President Duterte-inspired artwork was posted on social media and has garnered 4.6K likes and 518 shares! Her works really wowed the nation![source]

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