SHOCKING: The suspects were about to dump a corpse wrapped in packaging tape when they ran into a checkpoint!

3 suspects killed in a recent shootout with the police when they refused to stop their vehicles in a checkpoint. Instead of stopping the suspects rush through triggering a pursuit from the police. The runaway suspects opened fire and at pursuing police officers said in a GMA News article.

According to Las PiƱas City police chief Sr. Supt. Jemar Modequillo, the suspects were on an AUV and instead of stopping at a police checkpoint at the corner of Real Street and Naga Street, they roared through.
Police officers gave chase even as the suspects opened fire on them. The gunmen were finally stopped and killed at the Barangay Pulang Lupa Uno-section of the C5 Extension.

Authorities found a corpse whose face and hands are wrapped in packaging tape along with a .38 caliber and a 9mm pistol, and a shotgun. Some two packets of shabu were also found on the body, and a sign which identified the victim as a drug dealer was also found.

Modequillo speculated that the suspects were the one doing summary-executions but got caught when they ran into a checkpoint in their way to dump the body.


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