SHOCKING! Php 300 million confiscated from inmates during time of De Lima, nawala na parang bula!


As if allegations of coddling drug lords and using drug money to fund her campaign isn’t enough, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre is now saying that more Php 300 million seized from inmates (yes, inmates had that much money lying around in their prison cells) during the time of Leila de Lima as DOJ head is missing.

Where the money went is anyone’s guess, but what is certain according to Aguirre’s revelations is that, as far as De Lima is concerned, the money went pffffft during her watch. On top of everything else she is accused of, this just adds another level of criminal negligence (if not deliberate graft and corruption) to an already checkered rap sheet.

How all these happened during the six year term of former president Noynoy Aquino also speaks volumes on his leadership style and the leeway he gave to his cabinet. Which is not really a surprise given the glaring examples set by Abad, Abaya, Alcala and Roxas. Measured against this illustrious company of Aquino favorites, the charges being leveled at De Lima are par for the course.

Contrasting this with Duterte’s hands-on style – where the lowliest government worker gets the praise or reprimand that he deserves – it is no big surprise that Filipinos are much happier with this administration. Finally we have a president worthy of the title, someone who stands by his decisions, apologizes for his mistakes, takes responsibility for his actions, and inspires his people to aim higher than they ever had before.

But going back to Leila De Lima, her dilemma is how to explain all these allegations against her without coming out as the most incompetent cabinet secretary in the history of the Philippines. By arguing that she knew nothing about the kubols, and the illegal drug trade from behind bars, of killers allowed to roam free while under the witness protection program, and of Php 300 million disappearing in thin air – she is basically saying that she is dumb as a rock. Right now it’s that or admit she knew what was happening and did nothing about it. Either way, the lady is – pardon the pun


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