SHOCKING NEWS: Inmates Raised 16M For De Lima’s Campaign

Senator Leila De Lima is still in denial regarding her connections to the illegal drug trades inside of the New Bilibid Prison (NBP), this time, an affidavit from an inmate that is also set to appear on the Senate hearing tomorrow September 20, 2016 will reveal more information about the senator.

According to the Philstar report, inmates raised 16M for De Lima during her campaign, he also shared the mechanics on how the drug business operates inside the NBP.

We were told that there was nothing to fear, that we could freely move and that we would be protected. But we need to raise P20Million for our group within three months to support the senatorial candidacy of Secretary De Lima in 2016 election.-Inmate #1
There was also a time when this inmate cannot meet their quota which is 20 Million, Jaybee Sebastian treated him differently.

I said I could not meet the target anymore because my collection fell. From that one, Jaybee treated me differently, that’s when he started to become tough on us.

Another two inmates are bound to support this affidavit to the DOJ tomorrow, one of these two inmates is allegedly the ‘right-hand’ of Sebastian in Sigue Sigue Sputnik gang.

Based on the inmates’ affidavit, they met Sen. De Lima’s nephew Jad de Vera way back in February 2014. Jad De Vera used to collect the drug money every Wednesday and Saturday.

There was an instance when Jaybee called me out on his cell to prove that his collection was really for Sec. De Lima. I was shocked because when I arrived, Secretary De Lima, herself was there. –Sebastian’s right-hand man/inmate #2

The names of these three inmates are not allowed to be published until they appear on the Senate hearing tomorrow, for security reasons.


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