SHOCKING! Misteryosong matandang babae nag babala sa mga tao bago naganap ang pagsabog sa Davao.

Some Netizens who survived the explosion in Davao Night Market on Friday claims that they saw a mysterious old woman wearing black begging to some shoppers minutes before the explosion happens.

According to them, minutes before the explosion happens, they were approached by an old woman begging for some money for her sick child and because the Davaoenos are naturally hospitable, most of them gave some money to the old woman. After the mysterious woman received the money from the witnesses, she warned them that they must go home early because there will be an earthquake coming.

The statement of the Karl, Mari, Anne and Kimberly who claimed that they saw the mysterious woman are all the same.

The authorities is still not confirming if the story about the Mysterious old woman who appears before the explosion happens was real, but it will help the investigators if the story was true.

Some Netizens are also still not convinced with the story and they said that some people may copied the story from another person and pretended that they also saw the woman.


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